All Nations // Nairobi, Kenya

Our worldwide family seeks to make disciples & train leaders to ignite church planting movements among the neglected peoples of the earth.

Sport Quest // Ukraine

We aim to change the attitude toward Christianity in this country. We hope to show that Christians are all part of a large, friendly family all around the world. Through our work and play, we want people to see our all-powerful and loving God who wants to have a relationship...

Bishop Nathan Amooti // Rwanda

We are partnered with Bishop Nathan Amooti. He is a Bisop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda in Cyangugu Diocese, situated in the environs of Kamembe town in the south west part of Rwanda. The Park partnered with Pastor Nathan to build the Gisuma Parish Church, which was officially dedicated on...

Serghei Moraru // Moldova

Church and Seminary reaching people in Moldova.

Elias Popa // The Human Rights Network

Our passion and aim is to help rebuild, restore, and redeem broken cultures and people through the power of storytelling.

Aldo & Blerina Rustemi // Albania

CRU Albania No religion was allowed to exist in Communist Albania from 1967. The ban was lifted in 1990, but no legal provision for religious freedom was made until 1998. Since then, Albania enjoys total religious freedom, cherished by many. The majority of Albanians are very nominal, but some traditional...

Jacob & Alison Kemp // Pioneers

Prayer Requests: For all 5 of us to pick up the language quickly and adjust well to our various “schools” here. We are asking the Lord to give us a couple relationships that can be fruitful now even while we are focusing on language learning. Wisdom and direction as we...