Elias Popa // The Human Rights Network

The Human Rights Network

At the HRN we tell stories that change lives. That is our passion…to change the current narrative of human despair and destruction to one of hope and wholeness.

Our passion and aim is to help rebuild, restore, and redeem broken cultures and people through the power of storytelling. But this is just the beginning of what we do. By telling the lost narratives of people we foster action. The action of people who are tired of injustice and destruction. It is through this action that we can work together to bring aid and resources to girls who are trafficked, people who are displaced, and lives that are broken.

We do so much more than just tell stories. We help change lives. By working in a developing network of organisations, we can bring long lasting systemic change over time.

This looks like ordinary people like me and you out there in the world making a difference. Through our organisation we help fill the basic needs of the suffering. Through volunteer medicine and health temporary clinics, to education resources and schools, and working for programs that help people thrive in their communities.

We want to re-write the negative narratives of greed, corruption, and hate. We can still make a better story.