Sport Quest // Ukraine

Andriy Petrenko

You can be a part of God’s work in Ukraine! Through our camps, clinics, practices, fellowship, and outreach within local communities you will impact the lives of many young people. Ukraine greatly needs a young generation of Christian leaders to rise up and influence their communities. In the times of the Soviet Union, many Christian leaders were killed and the impact of other Christians was minimized. We need to grow a new generation of leaders to start a transformation in Ukraine. We believe that the best way to achieve this need is through sport as a way for Christ centered discipleship.

We aim to change the attitude toward Christianity in this country. We hope to show that Christians are all part of a large, friendly family all around the world. Through our work and play, we want people to see our all-powerful and loving God who wants to have a relationship with everyone. Once the youth have that understanding, we can build up their character and leadership potential within the context of sport.

Our team from Ukraine works with these young people throughout the year through Bible Study, soccer practices, tournaments, camps and different sports activities. Therefore, your time spent with us, the SportQuest Ukraine staff, will have an ongoing impact on these young peoples lives. If God leads you to become part of this project, we are waiting for you! See you in Ukraine!