We believe processing your relationship with God within a group of friends is critical. In a Missional Community Group you will find relationships, accountability, and connection. Few things in our lives have the ability to show what the church really looks like in the way that a small group of people who follow Christ and care about each other can.

At it’s core, the Park is a network of Missional Communities. Sundays are great, but without a smaller community to experience transparency, accountability, and authenticity, there really is very little to no spiritual growth in our lives.

Missional Communities take ownership of one another. They pray for one another and study scripture together. They share meals and stories. They serve their neighbors, city, and world together. They truly are a freely gathered people who desire to represent Christ in their world…to join with Him in the renewal of all things.

Our prayer is that if what we know as the Park today ceased to exist, people would still be connected in community.

To get more information about Missional Community, fill out the Missional Community Groups Process form. Someone from the Park will contact you shortly to help you get connected.