The Park Community is a freely gathered, sacrificial people led by the Holy Spirit. We live in submission to one another under the headship of Christ, joining God in the renewal of all things.


To create environments for people to grow in their passion for God, compassion for people, and wisdom in everyday decisons.

The Park’s Story

A group of friends

In 2009 a group of friends began a discussion which would lead to the formation of a new faith community, The Park.  There was a mutual feeling, amongst the group, San Antonio didn’t need another church.  San Antonio needed a different kind of church.  We held our first meeting at the Austin’s house.  The idea was to meet together for a few months with a core team of people.  We anticipated 12-15 for the first meeting, but word got out and forty showed up.  We quickly realized we were going to need a bigger room.  These initial days were rooted in community and relationship.  Our hearts were exploding with might be, and our ears were tuned to what God was doing. For many of us in the room on that first night at the Austin’s this was simply a natural of evolution of years together in community groups and ministry leadership.

Two speakers and a microphone

We booked our first meeting room @ The Rose theatre.  We knew right away, for two reasons, the Rose was the perfect home for our new community; first, the rent was cheap; second, there was a statue of buddha in the foyer.  We scraped together some money and purchased two speakers, a microphone, and outfitted one room for children. Our first official service was Sunday night, January 17 @ 6PM.  The room was packed.  Within in a month we expanded to two services, a Sunday AM and Sunday PM.  During the first year we launched into a study on the gospel of Mark, it lasted 20 weeks.  This radical departure from our past teaching rhythm resonated with our faith community.  While expository teaching was not in our original blueprint it quickly became a core value.  We concluded our first year with an Advent service at blueprint ministries.  Blueprint, one of our first mission partners, assisted us in delivering christmas gifts to families in need.

Bigger rooms

We outgrew the Rose theatre by the end of the year.  Our new home, Oak Meadow Elementary school, was a significant upgrade in facilities.  We were able combine worship services and expand our ministry space for kids.  We have been amazed at God’s provision on every step of this journey, but the move to Oak Meadow is one we will never forget.  We raised money to purchase a trailer and all the equipment we would need to outfit the school, and we doubled our rent.  As our core team reviewed the anticipated cost there was a general sense that we could not afford the move but we should do it anyway!  So we moved and God provided everything we needed and more.  During this second year we saw our community grow in depth and breadth.  God has brought along the highest caliber of leaders and some of the humblest servants.  As year two concludes we are excited to see what the future will bring!